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Art is many things to many people. An emotional outlet, an intellectual exercise, a political statement, a meditation, a cry for help, or an inquiry into the nature of being.  It is what we make it and we make it as it needs to be.  Since March of this year we have been witnesses to history on many levels.  The rapidly changing cultural landscape we have found ourselves in has forced individuals and organizations to adapt to new ways of interacting and explore different ways and models in order to survive. Exhibiting artists have seen exhibitions cancelled, teaching artists have seen classes cancelled, but still art abides.

Given how all of these elements have come together, the KAC Gallery has decided to create an exhibition that features the work of our teaching artists, work study students, and staff.  It will operate a little differently in that the gallery model will shift towards a higher turn over of art work, meaning that purchasers would not have to wait until the end of the exhibition to pick up the art they have bought.  That allows artists to bring in more work as needed, especially as we approach the Holidays. It is important that this is not seen as an art market, but a different exhibition model designed to increase support for our artist community.

Exhibition Dates: Dec. 3rd, 2020 – Feb. 6, 2021

Participating Artists

Amy Scherer
Angie Dixon
Carol Gouthro
Charles Bigger
Earl Valentine DeWald

Geneva Rose Baldauf

Glenda Cooper
Isabelle Hardesty

J Gordon
Jean Beuoy
Julie Johnson
Julia Carpenter
Kei Hirose
Maja Sereda
Michele Cooper
Pat Colyar
Peggy Braeutigam
Robert Wetherington
Rupa Palasamudram
Sandra Farmer
Shruti Ghatak
Soo Hong
Trish Brownlee
Wayne Pennington
Xin Xin