Youth Art Camps & Teen Intensives

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Painting class, photo courtesy Bridgett Ezzard Photography

Youth Camps & Teen Intensives

Youth Art Camps

Ages 5 – 12
June 24 – August 23, 2019

Teen Intensives

Ages 13 – 18
Week-long intensives throughout the summer

Youth Camps

In KAC’s Summer Art Camps, children ages 5-12 will make discoveries and learn new skills through use of a variety of mediums & techniques that include clay, paper, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, pastels, printmaking inks, and water-based paints. Every week, children will find a new adventure in art led by trained, professional art instructors. Explorations of culture and art history prompt lively, enriching discussions. Students are further encouraged to connect with each other through the process of art critique. Learn, grow, create, and connect in KAC’s Summer Art Camps!

All camps will be held at the Kirkland Congregational United Church of Christ at 106 5th Ave, Kirkland, WA 98033.

You may also be interested in our regular youth classes, scholarships, or referral discounts.

Plant Marvels

June 24 – 28
The Pacific Northwest is teeming with unique plant life. Get outside and see for yourself.

Ages 5-8 | Ages 9-12


July 8 – 12
Art can be inspired by anything you like! This week we dive into STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Ages 5-8 | Ages 9-12

Mythical Creatures

July 15 – 19
Dragons, unicorns, trolls, mermaids, the Loch Ness monster, and whatever your imagination can come up with!

Ages 5-8 | Ages 9-12

Space Camp

July 22 – 26
Create cool space art and discover the mysteries of the universe.

Ages 5-8 | Ages 9-12

Draw, Play & Print

July 29 – August 2
Learn techniques to express yourself through art. Drawing & printmaking are just the beginning.

Ages 5-8 | Ages 9-12

Under the Sea

August 5 – 9
Go into the depths of the ocean and make art inspired by sea life, the ocean floor, and other unknowns that lurk below the surface.

Ages 5-8 | Ages 9-12

Rocks, Fossils & Gems

August 12 – 16
Discover the underworld–study geology, cave paintings, geodes, and make your own timeless art.

Ages 5-8 | Ages 9-12

Comics & Graphic Stories

August 19 – 23
This is your chance to create your very own book. Let your favorites inspire you or create something entirely your own.

Ages 5-8 | Ages 9-12

Teen painting

Teen Intensives

In KAC’s week-long teen intensives, students ages 13 and up will gain foundational skills in ceramics, observational drawing, painting, printmaking, and more. Teens will experiment with traditional and newer materials, discover new techniques with the guidance of experienced professional artists, and build their portfolio in a fun, social environment.

You may also be interested in our regular teen classes, scholarships, or referral discounts. Teens ages 14 and up are also welcome to enroll in our adult classes and workshops.

Oil Painting

June 24 – 28
Familiarize yourself with this traditional painting medium.

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Figure Drawing

July 1 – 5
Learn to draw people from every angle. This class includes a model.

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July 15 – 19
Get started in creating things out of clay. Learn handbuilding techniques, glazing, and create something truly unique.

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Graphic Novel Illustration

August 12 – 16
Create your own graphic novel! Using your original story, we will go step by step through the process of scripting, storyboarding, pacing and laying out your graphic novel.

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2D Portfolio

August 19 -23
Prepare artworks for applications of just for practice in this comprehensive 2D portfolio class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Campers will go outdoors often during camp, weather permitting. We’re holding our youth camps at the Kirkland Congregational United Church of Christ (106 5th Ave, Kirkland, WA 98033) this year, just down the street from our main building. KCUCC is close to a number of parks. There will be walks to the parks plus opportunities to play, eat lunch, and sketch outside.

Each camper and teen intensive student should bring a sack lunch each day. The food should be ready to eat and not require heating or special handling. Send along any forks or spoons that are needed. The younger campers will have snack time mid-morning. Please send along a designated snack rather than having your camper raid their lunch.
Break times are fairly flexible depending on the students’ needs, but there will usually be a 15-minute break at 10:30 and an hour to hour-and-a half lunch break which could include a short hike to a park to eat and play.
We cap enrollment at 12 students to make sure everyone gets plenty of individual instruction and attention.

The 2D Portfolio Teen Intensive is held in a smaller classroom and will be capped at 8 students.

Campers will complete around 6-10 projects a week.
Art can be messy. We won’t go wild with the messes but please send your camper to us wearing comfortable clothing that can get dirty. High heels and leisure suits are discouraged. Also, we know that younger kids in particular can get distracted and find themselves needing a change of clothes. If you think this could happen to your camper, please send along spares that we can keep on hand.

The ages listed for the camps are guidelines. You will know best if your child will work well with a particular age group. We aren’t checking birth certificates.

This is a good question because for youth camps, you will need to sign your camper in and out each day; dropping them on the street corner won’t work. Kirkland Congregational has parking on 1st Street that campers and families are welcome to use during camp hours.  Our neighborhood also has ample street parking so you can park on the street if you’d prefer.

Teens will not need to be signed in and out and parking is available across 1st St in the Lakeside Church parking lot.

Camp ends at 3:00 pm. We offer extended care for youth camps until 5:00 pm at a cost of $75 per week. If you have other needs (i.e. you only need extended are one day per week) please contact our Education Director at or (425) 822-7161 x108

Extended care is not available for our teen intensives.

Please see our detailed refund and withdrawal policy. There is a $20 withdrawal fee when refunds are available.

We offer a referral discount. We do not offer a bundle for the teen intensives but the other discounts are available.

To earn a 10% referral discount on a future class, workshop, or camp, get a new student to register with us and mention that they heard about KAC from you. So if your kiddo has friends that might be interested in joining them for camp, that can add up to significant savings for you!

Need-based scholarships are available for all of our camps and intensives as well as our regular classes and workshops. Our scholarship application and eligibility information is available here.

Our youth camps will be held at Kirkland Congregational United Church of Christ. Contact KCUCC directly for accessibility information.

Due to the historic nature of the KAC building, our teen intensives are not fully accessible. More detailed accessibility information is available here.

Need help registering?

Contact the Education Office at (425) 822-7161 x181 or for help with registering, finding a class, or any other questions.

Have an idea for a class?

Find out more about becoming an instructor at KAC here.