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Kirkland Arts Center is proud to present our group, juried exhibition, Fracture. Fracture is the third exhibition in our 2019 cycle around the intersection of Art and Healing.

Exhibition Statement:

A crack, a break, a severance.

A distance between, a misalignment.

A sudden impact, or a slow widening; a quick trauma, or a gradual erosion.

Fractures occur everywhere: in a body, to a psyche, within an identity, between individuals. A fracture can be the site of trauma and breakage, the echoes of which reverberate long after impact. Or, it can represent a thrilling change that shakes a placid surface, laying ground for a new beginning. Sometimes fractures are the clean break we need to move on, a necessary catalyst for growth and transformation. The pain from such a fissure can harrow or hallow: it can be embraced as a sign that we have survived and are on the way to healing, or it can be dwelt in and rued bitterly. Some fractures can heal and knit, mending what was sundered, bridging the gap. Or, they can be places weakened forever: landscape altered beyond recognition. Whatever the cause, and whether or not it is welcome, a fracture is a shock–and a sign that nothing will ever be quite the same.

About the Jurors:

SARRA SCHERB is a gallerist, curator, designer, freelance writer and journalist who has been based in Seattle for fifteen years.  She has worked with art galleries, museums, publications, and individual artists across the Northwest to publicize artwork and exhibitions, develop and curate shows, and cover the arts scene.  She holds an MA in Museology.

SHAYLA M. ALARIE is an historian, teacher, writer and researcher.  She has worked extensively in galleries and in higher education with a passion for teaching and for helping artists and art historians refine their craft and further their careers. Alarie holds an MA in art history and is currently an adjunct professor at Seattle University.

Together as Quartz Projects, Scherb and Alarie have joined forces to collaborate on curation, writing and arts education. Based out of Seattle, they are focused on promoting the arts, crafting meaningful and timely exhibitions, and sharing their knowledge with artists through lectures and workshops.  They are particularly invested in advocating for queer, minority and women artists.

Selected Artists

Savannah Reynolds

Monica Tie

Lisa Myers- Bulmash

Mana Mehrabian

Trish Brownlee

Jonathan Bout

Dana Len

Karey Kessler

Michelle Ramin

Alexandria Douziech

Tori Karpenko

E. Valentine DeWald II

Shelby Cook

Sandi Bransford

Carolyn Nelson

ST Rivera

Seth Sexton

Alex Myers

Opening Reception

Date: Friday, June 28th, 2019 at 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Free to the public. Meet the artists and enjoy complimentary snacks. $5 wine and beer. Free parking is available.

Artwork: 19 Stitches by Dana Len