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Meet A Fellow Creative Sustainer – Chris Lye

Chris Lye is a long time student and a KAC Creative Sustainer. We caught up with Chris to ask him more about what he’s working on, what the KAC community means to him, and why he supports KAC with a monthly donation.

Q: What’s your “origin story” with art and how did you find KAC?

A: In college, I was really intense about art. I loved it. After I graduated, though, I put down my pencils and brushes for about 20 years. I believed art was trivial and not as important as my career…but there was always something nagging at me to come back to art. One day after I had moved to Kirkland, I walked past the KAC building and it caught my eye. I was totally surprised – there was a whole teaching facility and gallery right here! One less excuse to put off art. I started off taking a class every now and then and it grew from there. Now I take a class (or two) every quarter.

Q: What does KAC mean to you?

A: KAC has been really instrumental in reigniting my art practice and creativity. I love being connected to other artists in my neighborhood and the KAC community has helped me get more comfortable with exploring my own art. Once you’re comfortable building an art habit becomes easier. Art fills me emotionally and spiritually – it brings a lot of joy to create and experiment. KAC plays a big role in making that possible.

Q: Do you remember what inspired you to make the switch to becoming a donor?

A: Well, I think it was two fold: the first is I realized that art wasn’t just important for me, but that I also wanted it to be available to other people who needed or wanted it. And second, I realized while volunteering at the gala that I could totally afford to support as a donor. It just made sense to support something that fulfills me and is good for the community – a win-win!

Q: And why monthly giving?

A: I want to think strategically at the beginning of each year about what organizations and missions I support. Monthly giving allows me to plan ahead and also provides a predictable stream of funds for the organizations I care about. Also in these uncertain times it’s really easy to scale up or down as needed. 

Q: Anything you’d say to someone considering becoming a KAC Creative Sustainer? 

A: Just like anything else, it’s fine to start small. $10 a month, or whatever you can afford. Monthly giving is really easy to scale up or scale down as your situation changes – and it feels really good to support something I enjoy and I know helps other people as well.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about any art projects you’re working on right now?

A: Sure! I’m currently illustrating a children’s story about Heracles, in particular his choice between living a (more difficult) life of service versus living a life of pleasure. I think it’s relevant to people nowadays, I know it is for me, and it’s something I also want to share with my daughter.

The works below are recent pieces by Chris. Click each piece to enlarge the image.

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