Insights into Printmaking by Sandra (S.E.) Penney

Insights into Printmaking is a collection of works by Sandra (S.E.) Penney currently on display in the Kirkland Library through December 12, 2023. Sandra is an accomplished printmaker and teaches a variety of printmaking classes at Kirkland Arts Center each quarter.  View more of her work and contact her via her website:

Kirkland Arts Center is proud partner of the Kirkland Library and showcases work by emerging and established local artists at the library 3 times per year. For information about submit work for consideration to be exhibited, please email

An expert from from the Artist Statement by Sandra (S.E.) Penney follows.  Read the artist statement here.

World events, mythology, fairytales, science fiction, and the natural world all influence and feature in my artwork. I began creating the Ouroboros series on the first day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This series is a celebration of the 13 soldiers on Snake Island who were the first line of defense when Russia attacked, and also reflects on how war closes borders and isolates people, yet violence recognizes no borders and splashes out far past the area of conflict. 

The Crossing of the First Threshold series was inspired by a poem written by a local poet, Kari Tai. This monoprint series tries to capture the tension between innocence and experience, and illustrate the beginning of the hero’s journey that each of us must make in our own lives.

The Summer Queen is part of my Proserpina Project; a body of work I am creating that explores the sadness the “long dark” brings to some of us living here in the Pacific NW, along with the hope and joy that spring and summer bring. . . 

Sandra Artist Statement Sept 2023

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