Bleached Memories: Series of Paintings by Lalitha Bandaru

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Oil painter Lalitha Bandaru explores the transience and ephemerality of things in nature through a series of paintings: Bleached Memories, on display at the Kirkland Public Library. View open hours.

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  • Lalitha Bandaru, Painter

More Information about Bleached Memories

Artist’s Statement

This series explores the transience and ephemerality of things in nature more specifically— the crumble and disappearance of the most beautiful, largest and the oldest living systems on the earth -“The Coral Reef”. Their diversity, and their ambiguous organic forms and their decay bring forth another form with their own qualities and hues. The vulnerability and fragility, the phases of their transformations from being alive (extremely colorful) to being dead (bleached or colorless) are aspects that serve as great inspirational triggers in this body of work.

About the Artist

Lalitha Bandaru is a practicing artist who has a Masters in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art, London and a Bachelors of Art from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. She has been painting ever since she was a child and has had several solo and group exhibitions abroad. Though her forte lies with drawing and painting media, she continues to experiment with several other mediums in her art practice. Learn more about Lalitha in her interview in our fall quarter catalog.

All artwork displayed at the Kirkland Public Library Satellite Exhibition is for sale as marked by the Kirkland Arts Center.