Immaculate Disasters by Troy Gua

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Artist Troy Gua pays homage to traditional Japanese wood block prints, on display at the Kirkland Public Library. View open hours.

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  • Troy Gua, Multimedia Artist

More Information about Immaculate Disasters

Artist’s Statement

In thinking about creating a series of landscapes, I decided to pay homage to the serene and idyllic landscapes of traditional Japanese wood block prints and masters like Hokusai and Hiroshige. I’ve always admired their beautiful imagery and composition, and I set out to craft my own images using the landscapes I grew up in as source material. As I began designing and revising the images, the palette exploded into technicolor, and I began to imagine these scenes as futuristic Utopias, which then took on an apocalyptic bend, betraying where my mind was regarding our planet in 2016. I call them Immaculate Disasters.

About the Artist

Troy Gua was born and raised in Seattle. He grew up with Ronald McDonald and Ronald Reagan, King Tut and the King of Pop; images and icons that have been burned into his subconscious. Media culture has shaped his life, and is a vital component of his creative process.

I produce Pop-infused conceptual work in a wide range of media, marrying commerciality to contemporary with a glossy design aesthetic and a keen wit. My subject matter addresses contemporary culture and the ways in which media, iconography, identity, cultural self-critique, and the universal human need for recognition play parts within it.

My methods of fabrication are as eclectic as the results, and my media of choice is whatever best serves the piece, whether it be paint, print, plaster, photography, cast resin, found object, sculptural intervention, video, etc.

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All artwork displayed at the Kirkland Public Library Satellite Exhibition is for sale as marked by the Kirkland Arts Center.