Nikki Barber

Nikki Barber 2020-02-04T15:01:31-08:00

Seattle-based printmaker, Nikki Barber, explores the way humans construct their environment and interact with natural resources. The Pacific Northwest, in particular, captures the native artist’s interest as she produces works at Print Zero Studios in Seattle. She focuses on physical structures, neighborhoods, and landscapes that make areas distinct as she blends woodcut with monotype printing. She is keen on innovating traditional printmaking and bringing it into current relevance. Nikki recognizes that time is the most precious thing humans possess on this earth. She has learned from recent travels to Thailand for an artist residency, one of her strengths is a focused ability to maximize what she gets done with her time. During the residency, she was able to build lasting relationships with peers and faculty; engage in community projects; and prolifically produce works on paper, simultaneously. It required an intense amount of energy and efficiency that she loves devoting to projects and classes.

Check out her website here.