Artists of KAST 2018

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Discover the 30+ KAST 2018 artists!  Artists are listed alphabetically by last name.

Vineeta Agarwal
| Ceramics | KAC

Vineeta Agarwal studied Ceramics in India and taught at KRVI college of Architecture and Cathedral High School. She is currently practicing at Kirkland Arts Center.


Pam Beer
| Painting | Ojoy Studio

Pam’s paintings on birch panel are the result of mark making and strategic placement of color between the marks that result in an abstraction of her subject.


 Shima Bharma
| Painting | KAC

Shima Bhamra studied at London Institute s of Arts. Primarily focus on painting oils on canvas and Acrylics.

She has been an artist all her life, and in recent years has focused on the female form and discusses feminism today. Also she has a strong use of color and texture having grown from a rich cultural background has a tremendous influence on her style and voice.  Shima is a contemporary artist with a strong education in male dominated traditional arts.

Shima specialized in Screen Printing and Surface decoration gaining a distinction in her final exhibition.

Instagram: #shimastar
Facebook: @shimastar13

Jordyn Billings
| Ceramics | Jordyn Imani Creations

Jordyn Billings is a ceramic potter and sculpture. She has studied ceramics at Kentridge High School for 4 years and was recently awarded Art Student of the Year. She creates lovely pottery pieces that are perfect home decorations.


Elizabeth Brinton
| Printmaking & Painting | Elizabeth Brinton Designs

Elizabeth Brinton works in design and arts, especially in the field of screen printing for industry and for fine art limited handprinted editions. Painting, sewing, gardening, cooking, ceramics, jewelry, dance, and teaching are all parts of a fluid integration of art and daily life. Elizabeth loves to share the excitement and joy of art.


Instagram: @elizabethbrintonart

E. Valentine DeWald
| Printmaking & Painting | KAC

Mr. DeWald is a Redmond, WA based artist. He graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1978 with a BFA in Painting and Photography. He is currently attending printmaking classes at the Kirkland Arts Center in Kirkland, WA and is teaching mezzotint printmaking classes. He has been concentrating primarily in the mezzotint printmaking process and acrylic painting on wood panel.

In 2013, Mr. DeWald started work on several series of prints, including cloud and fire studies in an effort to add that finely detailed imagery and knowledge of natural patterns to his repertoire of skills. He researched rocking his plates using 100 gauge rockers and finely honed burnishing techniques. He utilized these newfound skills to create his latest mezzotint prints called “Manchester”, “Aurora” and “Pearl”. Aurora is a portrait of a homeless woman, but the visage has been pushed beyond normal to the point of topographic surfaces. “Pearl” is a portrait of a woman in hospice, beginning her transition to a different time in another form. DeWald is currently continuing his homeless portrait series.

Mr. DeWald has also been working on a cloud series in his acrylic paintings; based on his sunset and cloud photographs. Scenes from South Dakota and the Pacific Northwest are included.


Elina Dmitruk
| Painting | Zoka Coffee

Born in Latvia, Elina’s family immigrated to the US when she was three years old. She has been exploring art ever since she was able to get paint on her fingers.

Elina received private art lessons from her childhood, and knew art was her calling. Collaborations with a close friend in the arts, further developed Elina to always learn, be curious and follow where art would lead her. Practicing her dream, Elina is a professional oil painter. Elina’s inspirations include various art, particularly traditional and contemporary, vintage images, photography, modern dance and ambient music. Before each new painting, Elina plans the concept and portrait
layout. The process involves a few days to a week. She uses her additional passion in photography to project her concept and artistic vision before creating a new painting. Occasionally, Elina utilizes past photos to create a painting representing something new in the
present day. Her paintings reflect the blend of two artistic styles. The paintings are traditional in the sense that she predominantly paints self
portraits, and contemporary by her painting techniques. The movement she has learned from modern dance, has influenced the contemporary techniques and finishing touches for each painting. Examples include harsh brush strokes, use of a palette knife, or to smear paint from a tube directly onto a painting. Elina ensures each painting is of high quality, by selecting the right canvases and oils, in order to last a lifetime.

In her words to observers near and far, “I want these paintings to feel personal to the viewer, to connect with the image. And, I want people to feel peace and hope when they experience my paintings.”


Crystal Edwards
| Painting | Arete

Born in Germany to parents serving in the U.S. Army, she grew up on the U.S. highway and byways, and currently lives in Redmond, WA. By day, she is a Software tester; by night, an artist. In her free time, she is Vice President of the board for VALA,Venues for Artist in the Local Area, a 501 c3, non-profit arts organization
that helps connect the community, art, and artists to each other. Also, she is the Eastside area leader in Washington state for SDA, Surface Design Association, an international non-profit organization dedicated to raising the level of excellence in surface design.

Anna Geiger
| Painting & Ceramics | Anna’s Art Lab

Anna-Julia was born in Hamburg, Germany and moved to Seattle in 2013.

After receiving a master degree in education and visual arts she worked as a teacher in Brazil, Africa and Germany. When she moved to the US she started teaching at a German school, joined a gallery and realized her life long dream to open ANNA’S ART LAB. Today she teaches art full time in her Art Lab and creates her own
art every day. She is a mixed media painter and potter.

Joy Hagen
| Encaustic Painting | Ojoy Studio

Joy Hagen is a painter in encaustic medium. Having grown up in Seattle, the daughter of a forester, the strength, endurance and beauty of trees and the lush forest undergrowth of the Pacific Northwest are Hagen’s sustenance and inspiration. Hot melted bees wax, resin, and wood are the products she uses to express the complexities of emotion a walk in the woods evokes. Her paintings are contemporary, tactile and organic in nature with a Northwest point of view.

Hagen regularly exhibits at Studio 103 in Seattle. Recent honors include a 2015 King County Open 4Culture grant; Centrum residencies in Pt. Townsend in 2015, and 2016; and The Artists Magazine Finalist in 2012 and 2014. Her work is in the permanent collections of City of Seattle Public Utilities Portable Works Collection, Swedish Medical Group (Redmond and Everett), Swedish Cancer Institute in Edmonds, and City of Kenmore. Hagen lives and works out of her home studio in Kirkland, Washington.

Julie Hammerquist
| Painting | Artphorm Studio

Julie Hammerquist is a local artist and art instructor living in Kirkland. Art in some form has always been a part of her life. She was drawing at the age of three, using oils by eight, and has continued to add new media and techniques over the years.

Many of Julie’s paintings recall memories of living in Europe and other places she has visited over the years. She enjoys exploring color, contrast of shadows and dappled light in her work. Oils, watercolors, or soft pastels are used for these works depending upon the mood desired. Her abstract works are usually created using acrylics with the addition of a variety of decorative papers.

For the past several years, Julie has discovered a new passion in teaching art to children. She encourages her students to develop a spirit of independence in their work and a desire to experiment, thus discovering their own artistic voices. One of the benefits of teaching is that she is always exploring new techniques for her students.

Kei Hirose
| Ceramics | KAC

Barbara Hostetler
| Ceramics | Anna’s Art Lab

Barbara has a strong passion for nature which seems to always display itself in her art. Her work has many fluid shapes and textures based on natural things. She enjoys creating with encaustics, water color, fused glass, jewelry and photography but her favorite is ceramics. She loves exploring ways to incorporate ideas, from the other forms of art that I do, into my ceramic pieces.

Barbara went to college at the UW and majored in botany. She took as many art courses as she could get into. In recent years, she had studied with Steve Kemp and Susan Dunn on Cape Cod. She also studied with Regnior Reinholdsen and Carol Gouthro at the Kirkland Arts Center. In 2015 Barbara received a honorable mention for sculpture at the Kenmore Art Show. In 2016 she received third place at the same show.

Lee Kennedy
| Painting | KAC

Lee Kennedy Artist, privately trained, found her way back to art as an adult, as a way to connect to mystery and understanding. Her passion for oil painting continues to grow. Her work invites viewers to experience a unique perspective and to explore what lies beyond beliefs.

Cheryl King
| Painting | Joanne Shellan Fine Art Studio

Cheryl King is a Pacific NW native who incorporates nature and animals into her artwork. Her paintings range from traditional oils on canvas to painting on metal and creating dimensional pieces using layers of fused glass as a backdrop. Truly unique and inspiring!

She believes that any space in the universe is enriched by the presence of an animal. Her constant goal is to honor their spirit; to elevate their position beyond a mere critter into a spectacular soulful creation. A working artist for nearly 30 years, She honed her skills through personal training, workshops and plenty of brush
mileage and has been a collectible animal artist, garnering awards at the local and national level. Fun loving, bold, honest and energetic, Cheryl brings these qualities to her compositions.

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