Artists of KAST 2017 – Continued

Artists of KAST 2017 – Continued 2017-11-15T13:52:43+00:00

P.D. Jensen
| Painting | Studio 12

Phil (PD) Jensen portrays the foolish and stubborn artist, working to redefine the archetype for himself and his world. Through his realism of landscape, dreamscape, still life and portraiture, he attempts to convey his inner-world feelings of isolation and love in an external world of planned chaos, governments and orchestrated hostility. He intuitively teaches drawing and painting to serious students, developing a curriculum for each student through individual connection.


Smadar Kariv
| Ceramics | Studio 11

Smadar Kariv is a Bellevue based ceramic artist who designs and creates tableware at the Kirkland Arts Center studios.

After years of working as a graphic designer in a Magazine in Tel Aviv, she discovered her passion for working with clay. Since that first class Smadar took, in a little pottery studio, she realized that there were two things that she wanted most, designing beautiful products for every day use, and working with her hands. Both of those things came to life by working with this organic material, creating simple, imperfect and one of a kind pieces.

Smadar embraces the evidence of her human touch by allowing creases and natural lines to be a part of her work. Smadar is currently working with terracota and experimenting with some new techniques in porcelain.


Lee Kennedy
| Painting | Studio 11

Rekindling her love for painting after 20 years, privately trained artist, Lee Kennedy creates Artwork that invites viewers to experience a unique perspective and to find visual clues that lead to a world beyond belief. Her medium is oil painting with her main focus on creating mystery and multi-dimensional intrigue.

Karen Klee-Atlin
| Printmaking | Studio 11

Originally from Toronto, Karen Klee-Atlin studied at the Ontario College of Art and received her MFA in painting and printmaking from the University of Calgary. She has lived in many parts of Canada and the US as well as in Peru, the Philippines and Mexico, teaching art in schools and universities as well as pursuing her own studio work.

Karen now lives and works in Seattle and has her own printmaking and painting space, Blue House & Yellow Dog Studio. When starting a new series, Karen gathers images from a range of sources. She is also very influenced by her surroundings and this is reflected in her choice of imagery, medium and use of color. Karen works primarily in woodcut printmaking (reductive and multiple block) and her imagery is both figurative and landscape based.


Ranu Ladha
| Ceramics | Studio 11

Ranu Ladha is an up and coming ceramic artist at the Kirkland Arts Center (KAC) in the greater Seattle area.

Growing up in the bustling and vibrant metropolis of Bombay (India), Ranu was always fascinated with the balance of art, science and commerce during her school and college days. Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in commerce, her innate sense of business came to the fore when she moved to Singapore, after getting married, with a start-up in garment retailing that grew virally, building up a solid clientele.

In 2013, Ranu, her husband and children, relocated to Seattle and it was only after arriving in the Pacific Northwest that she was introduced to the fascinating world of ceramic arts at KAC through her close friend. In the last 3 years, she has fully immersed herself in different styles of hand building and is currently working with low-fire terracotta clay. Her love for bright colors and bold patterns is often manifested in her clay creations. She also loves cooking and is now able to combine both her passions by serving the food she makes in her beautiful hand crafted bowls, plates and platters.


Helena Males-Sumic
| Painting | Studio 11

Helena Males-Sumic is born and raised in Split, Croatia, 1962. She came to the United States 20 years ago, with her husband and young daughter, to pursue their Graduate Studies and career advancement. She has her Master degree in Computer Engineering and worked as a software engineer for ten years. Due to various life experiences, she decided to stop working and devote more time to her children, Mia and Peter. She was prompted by a simple question one day: “What would be one thing you regret not doing in your life, if you discover your days are numbered?” She found answer and started to take art classes and paint. She loved and enjoyed everything about it, process and creation, learning and exploring.

She is motivated by a simple quote she read in a Wayne Dyer book: “Love what you do and do what you love!”

Helena finds beauty and inspiration in nature. Almost all of her paintings are inspired by nature, either beautiful seascapes of her home country Croatia or any other intriguing and peaceful place she has visited on her travels. She has also started to venture into abstract and more contemporary art. All of her works are oil on canvas.

“I believe that art not only enriches the spirit but also makes one more complete, more observant and more understanding. Enjoy my little show!”
Helena Males-Sumic


Ivan Mancera
| Painting & Sculpture & Photography | Studio 6

Ivan Mancera has been painting for the last 40 years, He works in different mediums.He loves to paint Nature sometimes you can find him at a local Park painting “Al fresco”.He moved from San Fransico to Kirkland 7 years ago and has participated in KAST several times.

Artphorm Studio

Jodie Sarah Masiwchuk
| Painting | Studio 3

Jodie studied Art and Art History at the University of Michigan and later worked as a designer at a graphic design firm. When her son was young, she pursued newspaper sydication and published
a book based on her comic strip, Suburban Sarah. As her son grew older, Jodie felt it was time for a change and picked up a paintbrush. Once she completed her first painting, a sleeping cat on a cloud, she felt she had found her niche and was hooked.

Jodie has settled on her own fresh, light-hearted style and her main focus is on painting companion animals in acrylic and watercolor. She is inspired by the comfort and unconditional love they give. It could be a humourous painting of a dog tearing up a dog-training book or one that highlights the sweet bond between a pet and their owner. “If the painting makes me smile, I find there are others that usually feel the same way.”

Jodie is a member of Seattle Women in Business, Evergreen Association of Fine Arts and also a proud supporter of Homeward Pet.

Garret Maytum
| Painting | Studio 12


Kristin Morris
| Painting & Sculpture& Glass | Studio 1

Kristin Morris is a both a painter and sculptor. The elements of her work often have a geometric expression. Her appreciation for the golden ratio and well designed compositions are reflected in her work. She has    created a way to compose with paint the way a musician arranges notes in a melody. Her musical pieces are visual melodies filled with carefully planned arrangements.


Parklane Gallery
| Various Mediums | Studio 18

Parklane Fine Art Gallery is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to local artists and the Eastside community’. The gallery presents a new featured exhibition at the front of the gallery each month and hosts both local and international showings, including a juried show for local artists in September, a National Small Works in December, and the International Juried Miniature Show in May.

Wayne Pennington
| Ceramics | Studio 11

Wayne has had all of his ceramics experience at Kirkland Arts Center.  Most of his work is either high fire stoneware from a gas kiln or low fire alternative firing methods, e.g. foil saggar or pit fire.  His decoration usually draws from the randomness of the various processes used.


Thea Peterson
| Painting | Studio 4

Thea Peterson grew up in the Bay Area, and is a graduate of California College of the Arts. Originally an oil painter, she has found her true calling in acrylics and mixed media. She currently works as a teacher of Acrylics/Mixed Media at Kirkland Arts Center. Thea’s work can be viewed at Ryan James Fine Arts Gallery, in Kirkland.

Carol Pierce
| Painting | Studio 5

Carol started painting after she retired in 2002. She has studied at Pratt, Marla Baggetta, Bob Burridge and numerous workshops. Acrylic is her preferred medium, scraping and adding layers of paint.

Donna Porter
| Painting & Ceramics & Jewelry | Studio 7

Donna is a process painter and sculptor.  Her colorful canvases make the viewer use her imagination.  She has a masters of fine art from the University of Washington, Her departure from the corporate world and a return to the university resulted in new careers as a teacher for children, adults of all ages and challenges, teachers…director, administrator for non-profits, school districts, on stage painter, production coordination in film, international lecturer and manager of trips plus.  She loves her friends, family, travel, using her imagination and laughter!

Brandi Reyna
| Painting | Studio 11

Brandi Reyna has studied art on and off her whole life, initially taking drawing and design classes at the University of Texas, San Antonio and most recently as a continuing student of watercolor, printmaking, and acrylics at the Kirkland Arts Center.

After a very long break from the Arts, and a full career with the United States Air Force, she found her way back to art while she was deployed half way around the world. She discovered the comfort that her paintings could bring to her fellow Airmen by giving them a piece of home while they were so far away. Using photos and very basic supplies, she created over 60 beautiful pet portrait keepsakes.

Now that she is back home, she is exploring different methods of adding texture, abstraction, and whimsey to her paintings, endeavoring to keep them fun, optimistic, and always colorful!

Brandi Reyna

Jill Sahlstrom
| Mixed Media | Studio 12

Margaret Shapiro
| Ceramics | Studio 11

Margaret Shapiro is a native of South Africa who has lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. She has no formal art training, but worked out of a home studio in a spokane before joining the KAC, where she has been mentored by Carol Gouthro, Pat Colyar and Karen White.
Margaret takes her inspiration primarily from tribal and ethnic designs, using color liberally. She does both hand building and wheel work.


Anne Simernitski
| Painting & Mixed Media | Studio 1

Anne Simernitski began her career as an artist back in high school when art history was part of her graduation program. Devoted to working in the arts, Anne Simernitski continued studying at the Louvre Museum School, Paris, France and later moved on to the Sorbonne Nouvelle University where she earned her BA in History of Art. In 2009 she was accepted into the Edge program offer by Artist Trust.
Simernitski artworks range from poetic paintings and abstract collages to illustrations. She uses a unique technique of latex and metallic paints, collage on canvas and routinely practices encaustic and acrylic. She has been part of numerous group exhibitions which produced favorable regional press and has a number of private collectors throughout the Northwest.
In 2016 Anne made the cover of the Kirkland Living Magazine, she was invited to participate at the Art North Studio Tour and several regional shows and she completed a residency in Centrum, Port Townsend, WA. She relocated her Kirkland Studio in Redmond, WA.

Kristy Swanson
| Painting | Studio 11

Kristy Swanson is a self-taught artist. She began her creative career in the salon industry as a hair colorist. She has since expanded her repertoire to include other mediums, including acrylics, encaustic, inks, and photography. She likes to create pieces that are colorful, playful, and abstract, allowing the viewer to draw their own interpretation of what they are seeing.

Lynn Trepp
| Mixed Media | Studio 12

Lynn Trepp engages in the adventure of exploring materials, forms, shapes, light, color, space and structure.  Lynn designs concepts, prototypes and functional objects such as clocks, tables, lamps and digital color prints.  Lynn explores a mix of industrial and natural materials such as reclaimed granite and marble stone tile, and walnut, bamboo, cedar, teak and sugar cane wood, brass and steel.  Lynn’s concepts and built objects may be viewed at

Lynn earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Industrial Design, from the University of Washington, and an MBA from University of Southern California.  Lynn has taught studio courses at a design college in Beijing. Lynn currently teaches Design Thinking online through NewSchool of Architecture + Design in San Diego and Domus Academy of Design in Milan.  Lynn also offers consulting and workshops in innovation and design thinking, for both business professionals and creative professionals.


Frances Velling
| Painting | Studio 1

Frances Velling was trained in art from age 8, finishing 2 colleges with art degrees, then onto independent studies with Sal Moccia of New York.  A long list of show awards in juried exhibitions has honored Velling’s career as a professional artist.  Today her award winning paintings are owned by collectors world wide, have been featured in brochures, publications, programs, exhibitions, a book for the Seattle Public School System, in galleries, on her website, on the American Impressionist Society Website,  and on Fine Art America website.  She paints with acrylics and various other mediums created by the Golden Paint Company.  She primarily uses palette knives to apply thick impasto paint to her canvases creating texture and movement, along with occasional brush use, spatulas, and anything else she can find to paint with.

Michael Velling
| Sculpture | Studio 1

It is exciting to be a sculptor, to feel a piece come alive as it is sculpted, capturing a moment in our busy word.  Michael’s Bronze Sculpture is produced with the traditional “Lost Wax” technique.  Subject matters focus primarily on reality based human figurative, and animals with a little  “twist”.  Since 1989, on going studies, training at Pratt Fine Art Center, sculpture with other medias and extensive travels have opened his eyes to what sculpture can be.  This all gives rise to timeless pieces of art.  His studio is shared with his artist /painter wife Frances.

Joann Wadge
| Ceramics | Studio 11

Joann Wadge is a native of Canada who moved to the Seattle area in 1998. She works as a psychotherapist and began experimenting in clay in 2010 while taking classes and workshops at the Kirkland Arts Center.

Joann’s ceramic sculptures are organic in form and inspired by the multitude of images in the natural world. Her process is strictly intuitive; clay anchors her to the earth, informs her sense of place in the world and fires her imagination. When Joann creates, she chooses to re-imagine, not replicate these natural objects and uses them as springboards to create her organic work. The clay pieces are a puzzle made up of converging parts; curved, straight and intuitively assembled.

Joann’s sculptural artwork primarily consists of hand building techniques. She takes a piece of raw clay and gives it a textured existence. Joann uses different glazes, stains, and firing techniques to achieve the colors of her inspirations. Metal, wood, and other materials may be added to elaborate or exaggerate the sculptural narrative. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

Joann’s artwork is in private residences in Canada and the U.S. She juried into the 2016 Kirkland Art Center Artists’ Exhibit and is a participant in the Kirkland Artist Studio Tour. She is a member of the Artists Outside the
Box group and is also an EAFA member

Coralyn Whitney
| Jewelry | Studio 9

After retiring from the faculty of the U of W, Coralyn pursued her lifelong passion of gems, rocks, and jewelry, obtaining her GIA graduate gemologist and AJP credentials.  Her love of gems & stones has evolved into an “of the earth” jewelry style, utilizing them extensively in her designs for their unique traits … color, shape, texture, luster, & clarity … all at the heart of each piece she designs.  A variety of hand-crafted wire and sheet metal components are incorporated to enhance the beauty of the gemstones.  Each piece of jewelry is a fun, one-of-a-kind, arty adornment!

Katherine Wright
| Painting | Studio 1

Katherine Wright is a native of Seattle. Her life as an artist started early, having attended Cornish School for Allied Arts in 1971. She was an instructor of architectural graphics and perspective at WSU in 1974 and continues to teach this subject.

A Washington State University graduate with a Bachelor of Architecture, and a Licensed Architect, she began creating illustration for architects and realtors in 1992, eventually adding watercolors and mixed media to her milieu. Over the years she has illustrated numerous projects, taught architectural illustration and watercolor.

Katherine chose to enter into the world Professional Architectural Illustration in 2001. Currently she is a self employed Artist & Architect. While living in Italy from 2005 to 2013, she had the opportunity to dedicate time to watercolors, and showed as a watercolor artist in many Italian venues. For 2 years was the manager of K2 Art Gallery, Giovinazzo, Italy.

Her passion is art, architecture, en plein air work, travel & Italy. Her studies include skiing, watercolor & mixed media, yoga and meditation.

Vicky Zomenou
| Art Jewelry | Studio 13

Vicky Zomenou has studied computer science and practiced it for almost 20 years, in Greece where she lived.  However, she always had an interest in arts, mostly painting, sculpture and photography, possibly because she was born and lived a big part of her life in Greece, where art was almost everywhere.   Her love for art and its history was further developed during her stay in Brighton, UK, and it continued every time she got to travel around Europe.
In 2002, she started taking painting lessons in the local Art Center in Athens, Greece, under the instruction of an exceptional woman and painter. With her support she learned freehand drawing and use of acrylic colors. While she was in her 4th year of painting she got interested in ancient Greek jewelry so she started taking art jewelry making classes next to a very gifted teacher. She studied with him for the past 8 years until she moved with her family to the Pacific Northwest in 2015. In 2014, she decided to make a career change and dedicate her time to the two things she loves most her family and art jewelry.
Consumerism and plethora of goods drives many people to treat jewels as accessories. Her moto is to try to present the artistic aspect of a jewel, as an independent piece of art and as a creative process.