KAC Artists’ Exhibition 2016

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The KAC Artists’ Exhibition is an annual show in the Kirkland Arts Center Gallery featuring work from our talented community of artists in a variety of media. The competition was especially fierce this year, with 79 KAC affiliates – students, instructors, staff, volunteers, and donors – submitting 218 works for consideration. The 34 pieces of artwork from 22 local artists selected for this year’s show feature everything from contemporary photography to figurative prints to mixed media constructions, plus much more.


Frederick Holmes of Frederick Holmes and Company Gallery

Award Winners

1st Place Judge’s Award: Evelyn Hirata, Phoebe Coming and Going
2nd Place Judge’s Award: Naoko Morisawa, Wave XV – Hybrid
People’s Choice Award: Houri Ronasi, Desert Play II

Selected Artists

Toni Almerico
Lisa Berkman
Kathy Collins
Crystal Edwards
Amy Ferron
Elizabeth Halfacre
Iskra Johnson
Karen Klee-Atlin
Cynthia Lait
Susie Larsson
Anna Macrae
Don Myhre
Donna Lindeman Porter
Polly Purvis
Kathleen Skeels
Jan Tervonen
Liz VanBemmel
Joann Wadge
Joyce Yu

Opening Reception

Date: Friday, April 1, 2016 at 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Free to the public. Meet the artists and enjoy complimentary snacks. $2 wine and beer. Free parking is available.

The jury’s top two picks will be revealed and you are invited to cast your vote for your favorite piece for the People’s Choice Award.

All artwork displayed is for sale as marked by the Kirkland Arts Center.

More Information About the 2016 KAC Artists’ Exhibition

This year, KAC had the privilege of welcoming Frederick R. Holmes, owner of Frederick Holmes and Company Gallery of Modern & Contemporary Art in Seattle, as our judge. Frederick Holmes has been in the art business for over 30 years as director of a contemporary gallery in Carmel, CA; director of a contemporary gallery in Hong Kong; and a national representative for the late American sculptor Frederick Hart. In June 2013, he opened Frederick Holmes and Company, one of the first new businesses that have become the face of the upscale “renaissance” of Pioneer Square.

Holmes carefully and deliberately selected a body of work that flows together as an ensemble while showcasing a breadth of diverse pieces. On his artwork choices, Holmes stated, “As a gallery owner and 34-year professional in the arts, I’ve consistently relied on a very simple formula when selecting work for my gallery. It’s the same criteria I’ve used for the selection process with this exhibition: ‘Skill and imagination in equal measure.’ In reviewing over 200 individual works by 79 artists, ‘skill and imagination’ were my metrics.”

Holmes also had encouraging words for the artists who did not get selected: “It goes without saying that all art, regardless of the discipline, is a subjective and highly personal experience for an audience. Some may agree with my choices and some may not. Most importantly, I’d like to express my respect and admiration for all the artists who submitted their work, regardless of inclusion in this exhibition. It takes courage to stick your neck out.”