Bear Creek Student Show 2019

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Each year, an Advanced Studio Art class comprised of high school senior student artists are taken through the journey of what it might be like to create a body of work that has a common theme, write an artist statement, create an artist postcard, then have their work properly matted and framed in order to hang in a professional manner. The students work for 4 months on their art pieces and series. Through this time frame, they experience the challenge of how to best communicate their idea/concept through their art pieces, how to continue through hardships, how to effectively write about their art, as well as their impact and interaction with the public and what that role might look like. This winter they will work with the Kirkland Art Center gallery to stage a 2 week exhibition that will be the culmination of their course exploring what it is like to put together an art show from creation to reception.

Bear Creek Student Artists

This combined exhibition by Advanced Studio Art students features the works of seniors Abby Campbell, Siena Cysewski, Kim Do, Haley Jones, Alicia Stepin, and Michelle Tan. Join them as they launch their creative careers into the public sphere with this culminating show. More information on the students and the art here.


Abby Campbell
Siena Cysewski
Kim Do
Haley Jones
Alicia Stepin
Michelle Tan

Artwork: Sam by Haley Jones, Acrylic on canvas