About Us

"The artist's role in the community is to lead, the artist's role is to get people to think things or see things differently, to help get people beyond where they are… to joy, enthusiasm and some sorrow as well." - William Radcliffe, FOUNDER of the Kirkland Arts Center.
Kirkland Arts Center (KAC) serves the Eastside arts community by providing artists and art lovers of all ages the opportunity to work together, build creative skills, and broaden their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the visual arts. We offer classes, workshops, gallery exhibits and special events in a unique historic setting.
Kirkland Arts Center promotes artistic mastery and public participation in the visual arts through innovative classes, contemporary exhibitions, and events.
Kirkland Arts Center contributes to the region through an exploration of the visual arts, cultivation of artistic growth, and service to a diverse community. KAC builds community through art, advocates for teaching artists, and inspires others to address challenges with creativity and visual thinking.