Seattle Waterfront Arts Market

The 3rd Annual Seattle Waterfront Arts Market is a venue for established and emerging area artists, designers, and craftspeople to sell their wares. The Market, sponsored by Seattle Parks, takes place in Seattle's beautiful Waterfront Park on Pier 57 which stretches from the Seattle Aquarium to the Great Wheel, with Pike Place Market perched above, drawing in locals and tourists alike. The Market is also situated close to cruise lines which draw 800,000 passengers each cruise season. Register now!

Imagery: Digesting the Visual World

Transform your raw visual surroundings into a meaningful work of art.

KAC Board Opportunities

KAC is seeking visionary leaders with a commitment to KAC's mission and non-proft excellence for new Board of Director positions.

Community Opportunities

Local Calls for Artists:  Included below are opportunities to submit your work to these local exhibitions, shows and contests.

KAC Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Art this year to your loved ones! KAC is now offering gift certificates for classes and workshops.

Teaching at KAC Opportunties

Consider Teaching in the Supportive Environment of the Kirkland Art Center!

Jim Phalen, oil painting of a butterfly

Introduction to Oil Painting

Beginners will learn the basics of oil in this one-day workshop.

Thea Peterson, portrait painting

Introduction to Portraiture

Learn the basics of facial proportions, skin tones, and more in this one-day workshop!

Brooke Borcherding at the Kirkland Public Library

Thursday, January 2, 2014 (All day) to Wednesday, April 30, 2014 (All day)

Brooke's art practice currently consists of working on an ongoing body of plein-air oil paintings (executed on site) that she uses to inform her larger studio pieces.  With a mixture of both the overlooked urban spaces and the rural picturesque landscape, these scenes are inspired by her affinity for strong linear compositions, images that recede into the distance, and a wonder for what lies beyond.  Brooke is a prolific artist who is constantly captivated by her immediate surroundings and first hand experiences that provoke in her an insatiable desire to capture them and turn them into pai

KAC Unveils New Registration System May 12, 2014

KAC unveils our new class registration system, GoSignMeUp.